We at Frydays° believe that sunglasses are not just fashion accessories. They are a part of your identity. Sunglasses are emotional products, that do more than protecting your eyes from the sun. We wondered why there were so many styling options for your feet and just a boring few for your eyes.

We realized that in this era where individuals are putting thought into what they’re wearing, be it caps, sneakers, t-shirts, etc. something is missing for completing their style: matching quality eyewear. The option of styling your sunglasses to your outfit is not present today. And hence, we launched Frydays.


Today’s era is all about individuality, about looking fresh every day and about styling. Yet, at a time when we’re exposed to more information than ever before, it can be difficult to find a personal style. We find this particularly true for eyewear. To cut through the clutter and enable everyone to create their own style, we are offering the option of customization. Instead of letting the brands decide on designs and colors, we let you be in control of your own identity.


Most sunglasses brands offer many frames and few color options. We choose to turn things around and offer few frames in many color options: 4 models, 13 colors, enough combinations to satisfy even the pickiest style junkie. All for 1 price. Simple as that. Our unique proposition of changeable arms gives the freedom to create unlimited looks. Why this aproach? Simply put, we are tired of the crowded walls of frames, unexplained high prices and locked up showcases from which sunglasses are currently sold. We believe purchasing sunglasses should be fun and easy.


We were missing eyewear that you can match to your outfit, every day. This casual aspect to sunglasses is lacking currently for branded products. Would you really call a pair of sunglasses that cost over a hundred bucks ‘casual’? We do not. And so we introduced Frydays. On Friday you wear casual clothing and its the start of the weekend. Everyone loves that Friday feeling. We’ve changed the ‘i’ in Fridays into ‘y’ to give the brand a link to the excessively hot sun in which our products are used. Expressed even more by the yellow dot logo, representing a sun.


According to the World Health Organization, 39 million people worldwide are blind – yet 80% suffer needlessly. Their blindness could have been prevented. Frydays° teamed up with ORBIS’ Flying Eye Hospital, the world’s only teaching eye hospital onboard a converted cargo plane. ORBIS is a global non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring sight through teaching and training eye care teams so they can better take care of their own communities. With every pair of sunglasses sod, we provide funding that contributes to saving sight in countries where eye care is most difficult to get.

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In today’s era individuals start to see that they cannot fully rely on others anymore. Its their own life and they need to take matters into their own hands. Frydays° create sunglasses for the genuine out there, who take control and lead their own life. Who live independently, creatively and rebelliously. With our tageline Don’t Be Tamed we wish to provoke, inspire and support those who feel truly untamed. With this inspirational line we constantly find new partnerships and collaborations between brands and personalities that show their untamed spirit and inspire others to do the same.

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